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“If you build, they will come” approach might be tried and tested formula for many sectors to get their target audience, but we make sure no stone remains unturned to drive traffic to your brand web page. From exploring opportunities to syndicate your brand, improve brand’s customers’ loyalty to higher conversion rates constantly, we make sure your brand applies the best marketing plan!

With social media marketing we help you

To measure reach and conversions –
  • By allocating relevant budget and resources
  • By analytically observing impact patterns on different social media handles
  • By comparing the conversion activities(read downloads, registrations etc) to the related investments
To monitor campaigns and observe their impact –
  • By setting specific parameters and goals for each medium differently
  • By observing the user behavior with respect to engagement, page redirections and actions to the posts
  • By using metric-based conversion tools to get intricate details of successful actions
To do social media planning & buying –
  • By finding the best ad spaces and rates for the brand
  • By highlighting brand’s target demographics, campaign goals and appropriate paths to reach them
  • By creating targeted messages in all digital mediums(HTML, JavaScript, Flash, DHTML, Streaming Videos etc)
To audit brand’s market landscape on social media channels –
  • By investigating about the patterns that has fetched highest and lowest user engagement in the past
  • By studying both result-based and activity-based metrics in detail
  • By redefining preferences, if needed or progressively enhancing the opted ones
To increase web presence overall through paid/unpaid means –
  • By building authority on search engines through sponsored and content-rich keywords
  • By fine-tuning activities, content, advertisements and sponsorships together
  • By including editorial links and mentions by media influencers and followers